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Generali Solo is a blog specializing in life insurance in Vietnam, we are passionate about, and deeply love life insurance because we understand the human values ​​that life insurance brings. for everyone.

generali solo background
generali solo background

Here, you can easily find the Services Provided, including: Professional life insurance consultant, Recruitment & Training of insurance consultants, Full support for answering questions. charge.

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Many surprises …

Accidentally charmed with life insurance since the beginning of 2020 and did not know when to love insurance, that’s why gave birth to https://www.generali-solo.com/ – The first blog in Vietnam written about life insurance. Especially, this blog was written by a person who “disliked” insurance at all earlier.

Therefore, the words used in the posts are a bit rustic, simple, but approachable, because, I also did not like insurance like you before ^^.